HREC Educator Award for Holodomor Lesson Plan Development

The Holodomor Research and Education Consortium (HREC) announces its 2019 HREC Educator Award marking the commemoration of the Ukrainian genocide known as the Holodomor.  The HREC Educator Award for Holodomor Lesson Plan Development is awarded annually by HREC, a project of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta.

Studying the Holodomor, the Ukrainian genocide of 1932-33 in which over 4 million Ukrainians were starved to death as a result of policies created by the leadership of the former Soviet Union, is especially relevant in our schools today as we strive to educate the world about different modes of genocide and human rights abuses to ensure healthy global citizenship and to prevent future acts of evil against humanity. The Holodomor is one of five genocides currently recognized by the Government of Canada. It is taught in school curricula including on human rights, history, genocide and social justice, and is commemorated each year on Holodomor Memorial Day in November.

In order to promote Holodomor education in North America and to more widely distribute educational materials on the Holodomor for use in classrooms of all types, HREC Education last year inaugurated the HREC Educator Award for Holodomor Lesson Plan Development. The HREC Educator Prize is awarded annually and is intended to foster the development of innovative, creative and interactive lessons for grades K-12 that develop critical thinking skills while addressing the topic of the Holodomor, and to recognize the outstanding educators who develop them. The Prize is adjudicated by a national panel of professional educators.

Application and Awards

Click Here to download the applications for the 2019 HREC Educator Award or go to the HREC Education website

Individual awards will vary up to but not exceeding $1,000 CDN based on the quality of submissions. The winning lesson plans will be posted on the HREC Education website. Authors of winning lessons will be acknowledged for their respective contribution.