Attention U.S. high school educators and students!

Ukraine has been in the world’s view since February 2022, when Russia launched its unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The atrocities committed against a peaceful nation beg the question, “Why?”  A cursory look at the history of Ukraine reveals a long record of oppression, in particular, the Holodomor, the genocide of millions of Ukrainians in the 1930’s during Stalin’s regime. This genocide has been denied by the Russian government to this day.
The study of the Holodomor offers a key to understanding the current war in Ukraine. It is only through education and the study of history that we can help prevent war crimes and recognize evidence of the genocide currently occurring in Ukraine.

The U.S. Committee for Holodomor Genocide Awareness is sponsoring a cash prize competition for U.S. high schools students grades 9 – 12. This competition is particularly relevant for students taking classes in history, genocide studies, English and journalism. Submissions may be in traditional non-digital formats or web-based media projects.   Entries are due by April 7, 2023. Winners will be announced in the spring of 2023.  Further details are in the official description below.  To request the required feedback form or for additional information, please email

To help you locate information, please browse through this website, including the Facts and History, the wealth of links to online resources at the Information Links and Eyewitness Accounts, and resources added periodically to the War in Ukraine listings.

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