85th Commemoration of the Holodomor around the world

Holodomor memorial in Washington DC

November 1917 marks 85th anniversary of the Famine Genocide in Ukraine (also known as the Holodomor) that took the lives of millions of innocent Ukrainians in 1932-33.  In Washington D.C. the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus introduced a resolution commemorating the solemn anniversary.

“We must solemnly remember the millions of Ukrainians who lost their lives in the Holodomor Famine-Genocide and shine a spotlight on the truth,” the members of the Caucus declared.  The full text of the resolution can be found at the Ukrainian Caucus’ co-chair Marcy Kaptur’s website.

In British Colubmia, Andrew Weaver, (leader of the B.C. Green Party), introduced a bill to establish a permanent day of remembrance for Holodomor every the fourth Saturday in November as an official day of remembrance. If passed, it would make British Columbia the fifth Canadian province to establish an official day of remembrance for Holodomor after Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
In Great Britain the members of the House of Commons Pauline Latham (Conservative Party) and  in the House of Commons, Pauline Latham and Stephen Pound (Labor Party) have called for the Government to recognize the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine as a genocide of the Ukrainian people.
Latham recalled that the Holodomor literally means “death by starvation” and stated that “the Ukrainian Holodomor was a campaign purposely orchestrated by Joseph Stalin to decimate a large segment of the Ukrainian population.”

According to Pound the Holodomor was a man-made famine and genocide “by any definition” and left a wound in the memory of the Ukrainian people, who still feel the pain of this crime.  Unfortunately, the British Cabinet still maintains a restrained position.

In Australia, a motion on the 85th anniversary commemoration of the Holodomor of Ukraine (1932-1933) has passed the Senate. “The Senate condemns these acts aimed at destroying the national, cultural, religious and democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian people; and condemns all similar acts during the twentieth century as the ultimate manifestations of racial, ethnic or religious hatred and violence; and honours the memory of those who lost their lives during Holodomor,” says the document.